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Pistoia Travel Guide

Pistoia Piazza Duomo

Situated in northern Tuscany, immediately south of the Apennine Mountains and between the cities of Lucca and Prato, Pistoia is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Tuscany, with beautiful sights, squares and churches.

Pistoia is one of the ten provinces in Tuscany, its territory is rich of plant and tree nurseries in its level areas surrounding the city on the southern side, whereas the city is surrounded by the Apennine Mountains on its north side with hills and peaks reaching almost 2000 meters.

Pistoia is well known all over the world for its plants and trees and this is a very important factor of its economy. Pistoia is also known for an important music festival that takes place in the city center every year attracting people from all over Europe, the Pistoia Blues Festival; other reasons why you might have heard of Pistoia are its mountains, home to a world famous ski resort and for other factors that you’ll discover browsing this website.


Country Italy
Region Tuscany
Area 236km2
Population 90072
Density 381.7/km2
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal Code 51100
Telephone Code 0573