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What to do in Pistoia


Walking around the city is one of the best ways to explore Pistoia. The beautiful ancient buildings, the old walls of the city and the scenic atmosphere at night can be best enjoyed by just strolling around the city.

Winter Activities

Pistoia has a lot to offer to ski enthusiasts. The province is home to the most important ski resort in Italy out of the Alps. Abetone attracts thousands of skiers every weekend from a rather large area spanning from the coast of Tuscany to southern Tuscany to some areas of Emilia Romagna. With its 50+ kms of perfectly groomed slopes and up to date lift systems is the perfect place to spend some days on the snow. Winter sport enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy skiing and snowboarding throughout winter. Pistoia is connected to Abetone by buses that run multiple times daily.

Summer Activities

In the areas surrounding Pistoia you’ll experience nature at its best, from the world famous tuscan landscape to well preserved high mountain areas. Many cyclists choose to train on the roads that surround Pistoia and in the mountainous areas mountain biking is very popular. In Abetone it’s possible to practice downhill using the lifts to get to the top station of the ski resort. Every summer important downhill competitions take place in Abetone. All the other popular outdoor activities can be practiced in the area like hiking, fishing or nordic walking.

During summer the Pistoia Blues Festival in Pistoia takes place in the city center and thousands of music enthusiasts and regular people that just want to enjoy the atmosphere gather in the city from every corner of Europe.