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Travel Tips

Pistoia is a beautiful city and its city center is a true and well preserved example of the massive architecture of the area. The entire city can be visited by walking. The buildings in the city center are well preserved and still in use by the local government, banks, public offices as well as small shops and bars. Pistoia is home to several churches that are definitely worth a visit as well as many sights in the narrow alleyways of the city center.

The countryside surrounding pistoia offers a variety of typical tuscan hills, woods, mountains and ski areas including a world famous resort, Abetone, with more than 50kms of perfectly groomed ski slopes operating during the whole winter season.

Crime is not a problem in Pistoia, you can relax and enjoy the city or any surrounding areas without worrying too much, but you should always keep an eye on your belongings because of minor crimes like pick-pocketing or bag snatching, exactly as you would do in any other city. Walking in the city late at night is not dangerous, just avoid few dangerous or too dark areas and parks because of the strange encounters you might have (again, exactly as in any other city).

Smoking in public areas is allowed as well as in open air restaurants, bars and pubs. It’s never allowed inside unless there are reserved areas for smokers. Before lighting up your cigarette ask the waiters if you’re not sure. Smoking is not allowed on buses, workplaces, public offices, waiting rooms. Basically you can smoke only outside and where explicitly allowed.

A service charge and tax is normally included in the bills of restaurants, cafes, pubs or bars. The price shown on the bill includes everything. You are always entitled to receive a bill, if you are not given one you should ask for it because you might incur in a fine. Officiers of several police forces can ask you to show them the receipt of the restaurant or shop you are leaving, if you don’t have one you might be given a fine and, unfortunately, it’s pretty common for shop owners not to give any receipts.

Public transportation in Pistoia consists of buses, both for transportation within the city area and for lines that go outside of it.

Pistoia train station is situated in the southern part of the city, but still just 10 minutes away from the city centre by walking. The station is on the line that connects Florence to Pisa, Viareggio and the other cities on the coast of Tuscany. Several trains are scheduled every hour in each direction, hence Pistoia is an excellent starting point to visit Florence too. In less than one hour you can be in the center of Florence with no car to park (which would be a real problem and would cost you a lot).

Emergency Phone Numbers: save these numbers on your phone

Fire 115
Medical Emergency 118
Emergency (any kind) 113
Road Assistance 116
International Dialing Code +39 or 0039 ( you should dial this before any italian phone number if you’re calling from abroad or from your mobile with a non-italian carrier)