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In the event that during recording or later the registered user has indicated it does not want to receive promotional emails from, the user’s email address will be used only for communications and technical services related to .
In the event that during the regisrtazione or later the registered user has indicated a willingness to receive promotional e-mails will receive discounts on the products present on, or relating to third party offers.
Email address and personal information will not be sold or made available to third parties except in the case where the user requests through or through the sites linked a product or service provided by our partners or other third parties for shipping or for the use of which is necessary to share with the third party that sends the product or providing the service user data related to the request / booking. In the event that you request a product or service through and insert your email address could receive commercial communications of a promotional nature. If you do not wish to receive them may request the stop receiving these communications at any time. makes use of collaborations with third parties for the analysis of access to the website, as well as log files used to record visits on server
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Cookies are stored in various information, such as user preferences.

Third-party ads may be present on third-party ads. Some of these advertisers may use cookies in turn (for example with the Google AdSense program).
You can turn off completely or partially cookies set by or other sites through the browser settings, however this may affect the correct use of the site or prevent its use.

Interest Based Aadvertising

Depending on the interest-based advertising, the ads displayed by users will be diversified according to the interests of each user (eg. Travel enthusiasts, gossip, sports, technology‘), based on their previous interactions with sites that employ the interest Based Aadvertising.

How does Google determine what are the interests of users?

The coverage of network websites of Google Adsense ads is huge, Google sends visitors a cookie that is saved in the browser. Google is able, thanks to this technology to draw a profile of your interests, and to show you ads related to your specific interests.

How Google down the categories of interests of users?

The user information collected from AdSense sites are used according to the privacy policy of Google. Are not used to personally identify users, so as not show ads based on personal information. Also, do not show ads based on data or sensitive interest categories, such as those based on race, religion, sexual orientation, health or sensitive financial information, without your consent.
For more information, see our Privacy Policy for Google Ads
In addition, users can know how the ads are tailored to their interests via the Ads Preferences Manager, available in the Google Privacy Center and clicking on most links Ads by Google” present in Google ads. Users can add or remove categories to improve the relevance of the ads that display or opt out of interest-based ads.
For more information, consult the Privacy Center Google ad.

Reservation or purchase of services

On you can not buy any service or product. Any products or services suggested (flights, accommodation, tours etc.) Will always be purchased on sites of partners and third parties. We focus on making sure to work only with reliable partners, but you should always consult the terms of service of the sites on which you buy products or services. Some services can be booked directly through (eg. Excursions and guided tours): in this case is only designed to assist our partners in the collection of reservations. not require payments to users and does not sell any product or service. Reservations are forwarded to the partners who will contact directly with the customer.

These terms of use are subject to change at any time without the need for any notice.

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