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Piazza Della Sala – Pistoia

Piazza della Sala has been hosting the food market in the city centre for many centuries and it still takes place there everyday. You’ll find plenty of stands selling every kind of food, but mostly fresh fruit and vegetables. Surrounding the square there are many small shops characterized by large wooden shutters and shelters.

All the waste of the food market is cleaned every day and this square at night becomes the center of Pistoia nightlife, with several pubs and restaurants opening their doors on the square and placing tables outside.

Adjoining Piazza della Sala there’s the Piazzetta dell’Ortaggio, another small square where you’ll find some nice bars and restaurants with tables outside.

The people from Pistoia, aged 18-40, gather mostly in these two squares, which are very close to Piazza del Duomo. Enjoying a drink at night in these beautiful small squares is a really pleasant experience that you shouldn’t miss, because it’s at night that the center of Pistoia really becomes beautiful with the lighting that enhances the beauty of its ancient buildings.