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Before becoming a Roman colony in the 6th century BC Pistoia has been home to Gallic, Etruscan and Ligurian settlements, as several archaeological artifacts found in the area suggest.

During the Roman northward expansion Catiline was defeated near Pistoia.

From the fifth century the city was a bishopric and during the Lombardic kingdom it was a royal city and had several privileges.

The city of Pistoia had a thriving time in the early middle ages, and reached its peak after the Longobards.

In the 12th century Pistoia proclaimed itself a free commune. After violent conflicts Florence officially subjugated Pistoia in 1530.

According to one theory, Pistoia has given it’s name to the pistol that has been manufactured in the city since the 16th century.

Today the city of Pistoia is renowned around the world for its extensive garden nurseries that surround the city.

Moreover Pistoia is also famous for its flower markets, specially Pescia, a small town near Pistoia, still within the territory of the province of Pistoia.

Pistoia today is part of the Firenze Prato and Pistoia metropolitan area, one of the most populated areas in Italy.